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Vasayo Dallin Larsen When people look to become part of something meaningful, they want a track record of success. They want established. They want proven. Dallin Larsen more than fits the bill.
Over the last 20 years, Dallin has proven himself many times over. He was the central figure in the growth of two ultra-successful, record-breaking companies with multiple billions of dollars in combined sales. During that time, Dallin helped tens of thousands of people earn a full-time income and hundreds of others achieve the title of millionaire. In short, Dallin Larsen has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to provide leaders everywhere the opportunity to create their own success. Recently, Dallin has stated that in order to re-enter the direct sales arena, he needed to find a disruptive concept or product that could create significant change in the lives of millions. With that goal in mind, Dallin has surrounded himself with a world-class executive team whose extensive capabilities and experience demonstrate they carry the “proven” label as well. Eventually, Dallin found Dr. Emek Blair, a distinguished chemist who introduced to him a powerful, liposomal-encapsulation technology that dramatically improves the absorption and delivery of nutrients into the human body for much improved health benefits. This technology—which would serve as a foundational pillar for Vasayo—was just the disruptive concept Dallin was looking for, a technology he recognized for its potential to bless the lives of people across the globe. With Vasayo, Dallin is all in. Dallin Larsen is back.


VASAYO DANIEL PICOUDaniel Picou has built two successful companies that were later acquired in the B2B digital marketing space. This included the creation and management of campaigns that involved targeted traffic, customer engagement, and lead generation for both customer and representative acquisition. He has also served as an outside strategic consultant on projects with KPMG and BCG focused on helping businesses expand operations and gain market share, and as an expert in global business strategy and development. Picou understands that companies today must be strategic and data-driven to stay on top of market trends and to meet customer needs. He has a deep understanding of how every decision can affect the overall culture and well-being of an organization. Picou desires to influence the lives of as many individuals and families as possible through his passion for relationship marketing.


VASAYO DAN ZHUDan Zhu has 20 years’ leadership experience in the direct selling industry, and has successfully launched and managed markets throughout Asia for two multi-million dollar direct sales companies. Zhu spearheaded successful market launches into both Hong Kong and Taiwan soon after he joined MonaVie in 2010 as Vice President of Greater China. In 2012, Dan was promoted to President of Asia-Pac, inclusive of the Greater China region, Southeast Asia region, Oceania (Australia and New Zealand) region, and Korea. Throughout his career, Dan has demonstrated a propensity for creating strategies and executing plans that deliver on sales and EBITDA results. Originally from China, Zhu came to the United States in the 1990s to attend Utah State University where he received a Master of Science degree in Business. He has a deep appreciation for both Eastern and Western cultures and languages, as well as people from all over the world.
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