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Vasayo Micro Life Product Line

The brand name is Micro Life and so every nutritional product we introduce will come out with the Micro Life name on them. At the bottom of the label it will say by Vasayo. It is designed to be elegant looking as well as clinical so I hope that you’re as proud as we are. About what these products are going to look like first and secondly I hope that your experience with these products is substantial. Vasayo believes that you will have some wonderful experience with each of these products.
Vasayo is launching in five very large product categories within nutrition arena

The first member of the Vasayo starting lineup is Vasayo Sleep:


Vasayo Sleep


Vasayo Sleep is in a 2oz mist spray bottle. Vasayo Sleep has two major functions from a mechanical standpoint. 1 is to help you go to sleep. We know that Gabba helps you kind of start toning down and starts preparing yourself to go to sleep. Then of course Vasayo also include melatonin. Melatonin helps signal your brain to actually go to sleep.

What’s interesting about sleep is that it’s the only time that you brain gets detoxed. When you going through your day you’re walking around thinking your body can detox but your brain cannot. So what Vasayo Sleep did was we included a few more ingredients to really help increase the amount of things like glutathione in the brain. Glutathione is critical to every step to detoxification in your body. Vasayo Sleep also included two other ingredients to supporters the glutathione in your brain and to help recycle it and to generate glutathione in your brain.
Vasayo Sleep really is designed to help relax you to get ready for sleep. Then signal the brain to go to sleep. Then while you are sleeping help rejuvenate the brain and detoxify it.

The second product this Vasayo is launching with is called Vasayo Renew:


Vasayo Renew


Vasayo Renew is going to be in a 2oz liquid gel bottle. Vasayo Renew is a real comprehensive formula with Curcumin, ginger, shiitake, Acai, resveratrol and more.

Vasayo Renew will really give your body the tools to help support its antioxidant system. Helping your antioxidant system as a defense against oxidative damage for DNA etc.. People are really going to feel that after a few a difference after weeks to months you’re going to have a better spring to their steps.
Vasayo Renew is really going to protect your body’s core. And help with anti-aging benefits. This product will have Acai in it. We all know the amazing story behind the Acai Barry and the phenomenal benefits that you can get from Acai. Vasayo Renew is also going to help with joint health and anti-inflammatory benefits. Vasayo Renew anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant this is a total body support.

The third dynamic Vasayo product is the Vasayo Energy:


Vasayo Energy

Vasayo Energy is going to come in a 2oz liquid gel bottle with a viscosity like olive oil. The Vasayo Energy ingredients are fantastic to give you energy. This isn’t a stimulant type of energy. Vasayo Energy is not going to give you a nervous coffee feeling. This is herbs from around the world such as maca, rhodiola and a few other.

For thousands of years people have known that these herbs help them oxygenate the blood and help with a natural energy. There’s also some other components in there to give you the energy when you need it. A lot of times when you need the energy you are also stressed. The herbs in Vasayo Energy also help with stress support and help the body modulate and work with your body to bring up your energy metabolism.

I see Vasayo Energy as you get up in the morning and take this it as a time release 5-6 hours.
And a shot in the afternoon for a mid day pick me up to last the rest of your day. Although Vasayo recommend one dose a day. But we all have different tolerances and some will take more than others.

The Vasayo Energy is NOT like the five-hour, or redbull and other energy products on the market people that give you a spike and then a crash, because they are using sugar, caffeine and Tureen as an energy source. The Vasayo Energy products is just completely different. The Vasayo Energy is sugar-free so that it’s not gonna take you up to some kind of spike and back down. The Vasayo Energy is naturally flavored with natural sweetener like stevia.

Vasayo Energy gives people a natural alternative for natural, safe and long lasting energy.

Vasayo Neuro is the forth of the 5 products Vasayo plans to launch with:


Vasayo Neuro

I’m so excited about this product it’s called Neuro and this product again like the Vasayo core essentials is going to be in a Vegetable based capsule form.

The purpose of this Vasayo Neuro is it’s kind of like a meal for your brain. How do you nourish your mind? How do you get the most heightened brain that you possibly can? Because if you don’t give the brain to support that you need then you know there’s some quality of life issues.

The real point of Vasayo Neuro is to give people the absolute highest quality of life possible.

Vasayo Neuro has ingredients such as Citicoline, which helps stabilize brain membranes and cells and it’s critical to hormones and the pathways to hormones are really, really important for your brain to stay healthy. Vasayo Neuro has other ingredients in there to really help support your memory and different functions in your brain.  That allow for recall in the brain for memory and other brain functions. Basically what Vasayo Neuro is a meal for your brain. Neuro fills in all the gaps of ingredients that you don’t get enough of during the day from your food.  I’m very excited about thisproduct as a 54 year old male with ADD, ADHD and any other lable thay put on us. I’m looking forward to feeding my brain the Vasayo Neuro.

I hope you get excited about the Vasayo Neuro like we are.


Vasayo Core Essentials: The fifth Vasayo product is Vasay core Essentials.

Vasayo Core Essentials.

Vasayo Core Essentials is your vitamins and you trace minerals. Dallin Larsen was with a company in the nineteen nineties that created an essentials product of vitamins and minerals. Well over a million people every day now take that product for the vitamins and minerals. Vasayo happens to believe that our core essentials is going to stand out as the finest vitamin supplements on the market.

Vasayo core essentials really are designed to be food that people will take every day. On average day you wake up you have breakfast you have lunch you have dinner and you just snacks in between and hopefully drinking plenty of water and hope you get enough nutrition. The Vasayo Core Essential brand is going to really fill in the gaps for nutrition.

We really don’t get enough fruits or vegetables and things like that so now we’re going to add in some of those ingredients that you may have missed out during the day. Vasayo will add in components in this such as vitamin D and K to help your body absorb the calcium. Nowadays everything is fortified with calcium. If you have a piece of bread or have juice its fortified with calcium. Vasayo provides the body with the nutrients to absorbed and actually use it in your bones.
Vasayo has added a comprehensive amount of vitamin component to this formula and that’s really designed to help promote your brain health. This will take all the fat and carbohydrates that your take in each day and convert them into healthy energy. Vasayo Core Essentials has other components like Chromium which will take sugar and help metabolize them so you don’t get those sugar blood level spikes and your body is able to convert it into healthy energy. Iodine helps support the thyroid and metabolism. And we’re going to have a well rounded trace minerals and smaller trace minerals like magnesium and Melithium to really help have a complete well rounded nutritional array.

If we were getting all of our fruits and vegetables every day and if the soils weren’t being depleted of nutrients then this probably would not be needed. But the reality is with the pollutants in the air and the free radicals were exposed to and not getting the leafy vegetables and the fruits in its purest form is becoming increasingly more important for us to supplement. This is a 1 a day.

I love that it’s in a vegetable-based capsule with a powder inside and that’s all wrapped in these bubbles of liposome. All of the Vasayo products have the liposome delivery system. Vasayo Core Essentials is a one-a-day get up in the morning and take your vitamin and mineral and you’re done for the day. That’s Vasayo’s foundational piece then go out and eat as good as you can knowing that you’ve got the finest vitamins and trace minerals to help supplement your diet. The idea is that now we’re going to fill in the gaps and we’re going to help you utilize whatever it is that you actually do eat during the day. Vasayo really spent a lot of time making sure that this is going to complement your everyday activities.

I hope you get excited about the Vasayo Core Essential Product like we are.

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