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What is the Vasayo The Liposome Advantage

Vasayo The Liposome AdvantageFood can represent many things to different people but to your body food is raw material it has to convert to nutrients that can be digested and then used. When food is properly digested and assimilated the body can develop and even thrive as it was intended to. Unfortunately many people consume poor quality raw materials they yield little when it comes to nutritional value and benefit for the body. Fast food and sugary snacks are examples of foods that are little more than empty calories. If avoiding fast food were the only challenge we faced when it came to our food that would be one thing but other factors also affect our nutrition. As we age levels of digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid in the body declines making it difficult to break down food and absorb the nutrients we require for optimal health. One of the biggest signs of good health is our digestive health and gut function. A healthy gut function is imperative for absorption of key nutrients. Now let’s take a step back and consider how our food is grown to understand the effect that has on our food supply and long before we sit down to the dinner table. Food, real food is grown and then harvested and then shipped to the end consumer over the years poor farming practices have depleted the amount and quality of nutrients available in the soil and if it’s not in the soil it’s not in the food, and if it’s not in the food it’s not in you.
When a crop is grown in the same place over and over again vitamins minerals and microbes are lost faster than they can be replaced. Fertilizers only replace what is needed for the plant to grow failing to address the end consumers needs. Once the food is harvested the countdown begins and nutrient quality and quantity decreases over time. So what nutritional value does your favorite fruit or vegetable really offer once it has been grown in deficient soil. Harvested, transported and then stored before making its way to your kitchen table.

Vasayo Micro Life Product LineIn today’s world supplementation is a must with food nearly void of the nutrients you need to function at your best. It’s important that when you do supplement that it’s in a form that your body can actually absorb. When you take an oral supplement it gets broken down and even destroyed. If it makes its way through the destructive elements of the digestive tract which include digestive enzymes in the mouth and stomach bile salts and pancreatic enzymes and various gut flora. From there these nutrients get broken down even further into simpler compounds so that they can be absorbed. Within the small intestine small hair like fibers called villi assist in the absorption process. As nutrients cross the villa’s membrane and enter the bloodstream for many reasons this process can function fortune slowing and degrading and nutrients bio-availability. The Vasayo brand was born with a vision of delivering solutions. We chose to launch this company first with our premium line of nutritional liposomal based products called micro life. Enter liposomes. Liposomes are double layered bubbles or spheres comprised of lipids that work wonders when it comes to the advance delivery and absorption of nutrients. Liposomal protective walls consists of two layers of tiny lipids that form a protective sphere around the retreat nutrients. Nutrient encapsulated in liposomes are now delivered in a form that allows them to pass through the harsh environment of the digestive system intact cross the Billups membrane and enter the bloodstream. From there the liposome connects to the cell and delivers the nutrients, but the benefit doesn’t end there. Because the liposome is made of the same material of the cell wall it becomes part of the makeup of the cell refortified and allowing for proper regeneration in the future. This is the good news your body has been waiting for. Vasayo micro life is the answer to maximize nutrient delivery and finally deliver the raw materials your body needs to perform at its best you.






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