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Vasayo is an amazing product with a revolutionary delivery system. Everyone knows that when you take a supplement or vitamin most of it gets expelled out the body and never absorbed. With Vasayo Liposomal delivery system up to 98% absorption rate.

How does the Vasayo Liposomal Delivery System work.

Vasayo Liposomal Delivery SystemLiposomes and how they enhance the uptake and bioavailability of nutrients. This will help you better understand how Vasayo liposomes work in your body. When you swallow capsule in goes into your stomach and then your intestines. The acid in your stomach will cause a capsule to rapidly disintegrating and release its content which is typically not a great setup for ideal absorption. However with Vasayo liposomal technology the active ingredients are formed into structures called liposomes which consisted of layers of molecules that help protect and transport the active ingredients so that they are more efficiently and ideally absorbed. And this is where it gets really interesting. Once those liposomes are absorbed from the GI tract into your bloodstream they’re able to penetrate more rapidly into the target tissues of your body where they’re needed. In the above video you will see comparison between the two processes. With the Vasayo liposomes technology performing in your body results in true bioavailability of the Vasayo active ingredients.

I hope you get excited about the Vasayo Liposomal Delivery System like we are.

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