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Vasayo Compensation plan REWARDS PROGRAM (US Markets)

Vasayo Compensation plan Customer Sales Bonus

  • Enrolling Brand Partner will be paid 20% of their Customers’ volume weekly
  • Enrolling Brand Partner will receive a $40 bonus if they have between 4 to 7 Active Customers or
    $80 if they have 8 or more Active Customers (paid on a 4 week cycle)
  • 50% of all Customer Volume is rolled upline


Vasayo Compensation plan Team Commission Bonus

  • Paid to Brand Partners at Qualified Brand Partner or above
  • Paid in cycles of 240 CV/480 CV and at a rate of $25 per cycle
  • Up to 1,100 cycles/$27,500 per week (see Cycles in the Terms & Definitions)

Vasayo Compensation plan Product Introduction Bonus (PIB)

  • Paid out to the person who enrolled a new Brand Partner
  • No rollup/compression is applied for this bonus
  • Payout is based off Commission Volume of newly enrolled Brand Partner’s first order with Volume
  • If the enroller is Active with 80 PV they will earn a 10% PIB; if they are Active with 160 PV or more, they will earn a 20% PIB

Vasayo Compensation plan Team Commission Matching Bonus

  • Active Brand Partners with at least 160 PV, who are Qualified and paid at the rank of Bronze or above
  • Paid according to the number of generations in your downline, based on your paid-as rank
  • Paid on generations of Bronze Brand Partners

Vasayo Compensation plan Rank Advancement Bonus

  • Paid to Brand Partners who are Active with at least 160 PV, Qualified, and paid at the rank of
    Black Diamond or above
  • Payouts are split into 10 individual monthly payouts

Vasayo Compensation plan Leadership Bonus Pool

  • Brand Partners who are Active with at least 160 PV, Qualified, and paid at the rank of Ruby or above
  • Earn shares based on your paid-as rank
  • Earn additional shares based on additional qualification


Vasayo Compensation plan Starter Brand Partner

Vasayo ranks:

Executive Brand Partner (EBP)
Metal Bronze
Gemstone Pearl
Blue Sapphire
Ambassador Diamond
Black Diamond
Royal Black Diamond
Imperial Black Diamond
Crown Crown Blue Diamond
Double Crown Blue Diamond
Triple Crown Blue Diamond
Version 16-11-14 – May be changed at any time

Terms & Definitions
Term Description
Achieved Rank This is the highest rank that a Brand Partner has been paid over any bonus period. The Achieved Rank is updated when bonus periods are finalized and can also be updated for
individual Brand Partners as needed.
This rank is used in determining Rank Advancement Bonus (RAB) payouts.
Active Brand Partner Brand Partners that maintain a minimum amount of Personal Volume are considered to be Active. The market the Brand Partner is in will determine what volume is allowed to be used toward the Active status for rank requirements.
The minimum amount of Personal Volume to be considered Active is 80 PV or more.
Active Customer Personally enrolled Customer that has ordered at least 1 PV in the 4 week Active Status Timeline.
Active Status Timeline The Active Status Timeline is defined as 4 complete bonus periods—the current bonus period and the previous 3 full bonus periods.
Personal Volume from orders placed during this timeline is added to determine at what Active status level Brand Partners are for rank and payout calculation determinations.
Actual Earned Rank This is the rank that is achieved per the Rewards Program rules only; no forced rank settings are included in this. This rank is used for Rank Advancement Bonus payout calculations.
Bonus Period Bonus periods are weekly beginning at 12:00 a.m. (midnight) on Monday and ending at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday.
Carry Over Volume Unused Volume to be accumulated and used in the next pay cycle.
BPs may use Carry Over Volume at a 1-to-1 ratio on newly generated volume.
Carry Over Volume has a rolling expiration date of 52 weeks. This means that Carry Over Volume accumulated in week 1 will expire after the completion of week 52.
Commission Volume (CV) This is the second of two volumes assigned to all orders.
This volume is used to determine binary tree volumes, PET-V volumes, and any payout calculations (e.g., Team Commissions).
Customer A person that purchases product generally at full price either directly from a Brand Partner or through a replicated website. A Customer does not retain a position in the Binary Tree and cannot enroll other Customers or Brand Partners.
Volume from Customer orders is treated as if the enrolling Brand Partner placed it.
Cycle A cycle is paid out weekly at the rate of $25 per cycle. You can earn up to the following cycles/USD for each of the following ranks: Starter Group through Executive Brand Partner
can earn up to 100/$2,500; Bronze 200/$5,000; Silver 300/$7,500; Gold 400/$10,000; Platinum 500/$12,500; Pearl 600/$15,000; Ruby 700/$17,500; Blue Sapphire 800/$20,000;
Emerald 900/$22,500; Diamond and up 1,100/$27,500.
Enrollment Tree Max Volume Per Leg Enrollment Tree Volumes are tracked within each leg, respectively.
This is used for rank advancement determinations for certain ranks that require a specific amount of Enrollment Tree Volume with a maximum amount coming from any one individual leg. This is included to encourage Brand Partners to continue building an organization and to prevent one single very large Enrollment Tree Leg from advancing a Brand Partner.
Paid-As Rank This is the rank that a Brand Partner is paid at for a bonus period.
Personal Enrollment Tree Volume (PET-V) Enrollment Tree Volume is determined by adding all volume placed by all Brand Partners in your enrollment organization (i.e., personally enrolled Brand Partners, their personally enrolled Brand Partners).
This volume is used in rank advancement determinations.
Lesser/Common Binary Leg Volumes The Binary Tree is split into two different legs (left and right).
The volume placed by Brand Partners/Customers in either leg is added to determine the total volume for each of these legs.
Once the volumes have been added, the Lesser and Common legs are determined based off of the total volumes.
The total of the new volume from the lesser leg of the current week and the new volume from the lesser leg of each of the previous three weeks is used for rank advancement determinations/requirements.
NOTE: No Carry Over Volumes are used for rank advancement determinations.
PE Active L/R Count Qualified Brand Partner and above requires that a Brand Partner have a set number of personally enrolled and Active (80 PV+) Brand Partners that are placed on the left and right sides
of the binary tree.
Personal Volume (PV) This is the first of two volumes assigned to all orders.
This volume is used for Active status determinations.
Personal Volume may be set differently than the Commission Volume is for inventory items.
Qualified For a Brand Partner to be considered as Qualified, they must have at least 2 personally enrolled Active Brand Partners—at least one must be placed on the left Binary Tree leg, and at
least one must be placed on the right Binary Tree leg.
Qualified Enrollment Tree Leg Some ranks require that a Brand Partner have a certain number of enrollment tree Qualified legs.
This means that in an individual leg a Brand Partner has at least one Brand Partner paid at the required rank or above.
For example, if a rank requires three Diamond legs, then this means that the Brand Partner is required to have three separate enrollment tree legs that have at least one Paid-As
Diamond or above somewhere in each one.
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