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Vasayo is in the pre pre launch stages so the Vasayo compensation plan is still not all disclosed.

I wanted to give people an understanding what they need to start thinking about as they’re building out their teams in order to maximize the compensation plan. First and foremost most important thing we can have is customers. Everyone wants customers. The lifeblood of this business will be the customers that you’re constantly bringing into the company. What customers do is, one they become brand loyal and then they start sharing the product not even realizing that they could be in a business. Vasayo customers start sharing Vasayo products with people because of the great experiences they have. Vasayo customers will eventually become Vasayo brand partners with us which will eventually become leaders in the Vasayo business.

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Vasayo compensation plan 8 ways to make money.

Vasayo compensation plan is a binary.  A binary is very simple it means you will have a left leg and a right leg. this is us getting Vasayo compensation plan will give you a position in the tree and then you’re going to have a left position in the right position that you will need to build out. One leg of your Vasayo compensation plan bianary will be called a share leg and the other one will be called money leg or your pay leg.  Your shared leg is the one you share and build with your upline and you will need to build the another leg out by yourself. You could say you’re the captain of one leg and co-captain of another leg.

Vasayo compensation plan is a two-thirds, one-third binary. Meaning two thirds of the volume will come out of one side and a third of the volume will come out of the other side.  In the Vasayo binary 240 points on one side and 480 on the other side. All the valume from distributors and customers will add up to your Vasayo compensation plan bonuses.

The Vasayo binary will cycle every few minuts and every time you have 240 on one side and 480 on the other leg you will get paid $25. The Vasayo compensation plan will cycle up to 1000 times a week. So with just the Vasayo BINARY compensation plan YOU CAN MAKE UP TO $25000 A WEEK. Not including the other 7 ways to make money in the Vasayo compensation plan going to look.

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Vasayo Dallin Larsen’s new business Compensation plan

Customer Sales Bonus
You will be paid 20% of your Customers’ volume weekly
Receive a $40 bonus if they have between 4 to 7 Active Customers or
$80 if they have 8 or more Active Customers (paid on a 4 week cycle)
50% of all Customer Volume is rolled upline

Vasayo Team Commission Bonus
Paid at Qualified Brand Partner or above
Paid in cycles of 240 CV/480 CV and at a rate of $25 per cycle
Up to 1,100 cycles/$27,500 per week (see Cycles in the Terms & Definitions)

Vasayo Product Introduction Bonus (PIB)

Paid out to the person who enrolled a new Vasayo Brand Partner
No rollup/compression is applied for this bonus
Payout is based off Commission Volume of newly enrolled Vasayo distributor first order with Volume
If the enroller is Active with 80 PV they will earn a 10% PIB; if they are Active with 160 PV or more, they will earn a 20% PIB
Vasayo Team Commission Matching Bonus
Active Brand Partners with at least 160 PV, who are Qualified and paid at the rank of Bronze or above
Paid according to the number of generations in your downline, based on your paid-as rank
Paid on generations of Bronze Brand Partners

Vasayo Compensation plan Rank Advancement Bonus

Paid to Brand Partners who are Active with at least 160 PV, Qualified, and paid at the rank of
Black Diamond or above
Payouts are split into 10 individual monthly payouts

Vasayo Leadership Bonus Pool

Brand Partners who are Active with at least 160 PV, Qualified, and paid at the rank of Ruby or above
Earn shares based on your paid-as rank
Earn additional shares based on additional qualification

Vasayo ranks:
Executive Brand Partner (EBP)
Metal Bronze
Gemstone Pearl
Blue Sapphire
Ambassador Diamond
Black Diamond
Royal Black Diamond
Imperial Black Diamond
Crown Crown Blue Diamond
Double Crown Blue Diamond
Triple Crown Blue Diamond
Version 16-11-14 – May be changed at any time

Check back often to get updates as they are disclosed on the Vasayo compensation plan.

I hope you get excited about the Vasayo compensation plan like we are.

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