Vasayo; Dallin Larsen New Business


Dallin Larsen New Business

Vasayo is Launching:
Dallin has built 2 businesses to over a Billion. Now he’s launching his third and final business! 

Dallin and Karree Larsen the founders of MonaVie are now launching
their newest business “Vasayo”.

Listen to this information that could bless your life !!!! Dream opportunity !!! Ground floor opportunity !!!!!! Very short !!! Warning !!!! If you hear this recording and take action you may get wealthy !!! If you hate money this could be terrible 😜



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Listen to this voicemail message from Dallin Larsen to Vincent St.Louis.

Dallin Larsen New Business Vasayo is in Pre Launch! Reserve your spot as a founding distributor NOW! Call Vincent St.Louis I’m one of the 40 people at Dallin Larsens house at the VERY first Vasayo meeting. We didn’t even know the name of the company yet. My wife Kari and I are honored to be apart of the founding leadership team that was selected to help launch Vasayo.

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this video

Here is a conversation with Vasayo founder Dallin Larsen and Vasayo Chief science officer Dr. Emik Blair



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Dallin Larsen New Business

to talk about the Vasayo leadership team.



We have assembled a TOP notch team, comprised of top leaders in the industry to help launch Vasayo.

Our line of sponsorship is

The Company “Vasayo” sponsored ONE couple as master distributor that’s

Holly and Corbin Roush VasayoHolly and Corbin Roush they were Royal Black Diamonds in MonaVie, and are the Master Distributor of Vasayo. they sponsored,




Rob Alwin Vasayo Rob was a Black Diamond with MonaVie  and has over 30 years in the Network Marketing industry. Rob is our sponsor







Vincent and Kari St.Louis VasayoVincent and Kari St.Louis were Blue Diamond with MonaVie and have over 30 years in the industry. 






Or Call my Cell Vincent St.Louis 916-798-8508


Vasayo Master Distributors Holly and Corbin Roush, Vasayo Founding leadership distributor Rob Alwin, and Vasayo Founding leadership distributor Vincent St.Louis. We were all at Dallin’s house as part of the Vasayo founding leadership team. We are fired up to be helping Dallin Larsen to launch this new business Vasayo.

Vasayo; Dallin Larsen New Business

We look
forward to locking arms with you to help you make your dreams come true with Vasayo.

 Vasayo is the only business that we are in. We joined Dallin at the very beginning. Planting our flag with Dallin and YOU. This is our last company and our last time. I came out of retirement for this. We are building one of the largest if not THE largest team in Vasayo. Come join us.

Position yourself with
proven leadership, and hit the ground running by building your Vasayo business today!

Become a “Vasayo Founding Team Member” with a trusted team that has proven experience in direct sales, online marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Make sure you don’t miss out on first movers advantage. Lock in your spot now, and everyone that joins after you will be part of your business. 

Vasayo first movers advantage

If you don’t know who Dallin Larsen is, he was the founder of MonaVie. MonaVie was the fastest company to reach a BILLION dollars in sales, and that happened in just under 3.5 years and paid out over $1 Billion in commissions in less than 5 years. Before MonaVie, Dallin helped take Usana to over a BILLION dollars. That’s two companies to over a BILLION dollars. Dallin Larsen resigned from MonaVie a little over two years ago. After a two year non-compete agreement, he is launching his final business this is what he calls his legasy business. It’s time for the Vasayao Launch

Right now, Vasayo is in prelaunch!

That’s right! You are hearing about a two time BILLION dollar company builder, launching a new company before it even officially launches.  

If you ever wished you could be at the right place, at the right time, with the right people…this is it!
We have built teams all over the world, in fact we built one of the best teams in MonaVie “TEAM 212”. Now, we are ALL IN with Dallin and Karree Larsen, helping them launch Vasayo to the world.

We are Hope Brokers!
We are the founding leaders, helping to launch this exciting new opportunity, and we are now looking for leaders who would like to be a founding distributor with this new company. 


Vasayo plans a soft pre-launch Dec. 3rd, and a full pre-launch in January 2017.
If you would like to reserve a spot in Dallin Larsen’s new business Vasayo, please call or text me ASAP. I will add you to our growing list
to lock in your position as a founding distributor. 

We are building a very large team, so everyone that joins after you will go under you in your business. This opportunity is only available in
the USA and Canada at this time. 

wait and wish you had taken the opportunity to join the business when you first heard about it. 

is the time. 

mover’s advantage is huge. 

When we officially launch Vasayo in Jan. 2017 you could have thousands of people in your business because you locked in your spot today. 

So, be sure to contact me right away timing is everything.  

After that, be sure to start sharing this awesome opportunity and blessing
others ASAP, as well.


Or Call my Cell at 916-798-8508


Here are the Vasayo Products



Vasayo Product Line

Dallin Larsen has announced what the Vasayo products will be.
This is an exciting time for the Network Marketing industry and Vasayo people. The Vasayo Product line is amazing.

New Update on the Vasayo product line.

Lets first talk about the Vasayo science. The chief science officer is Dr Emik Blair. Dr. Blair has formulated the Micro Life Vasayo brand. Dr Emit Blair has put together an amazing process of allowing the Vasayo products to absorb into the body using Liposome. He takes the nutrition whether it
S vitamins or herbs or any other nutrition and puts it in a bubble of Liposome allowing the body to absorb the nutrition as much as 900% better then without the Liposome.

What is a Liposome?

A liposome is a tiny bubble (vesicle), made out of the same material as a cell membrane. Liposomes can be filled with drugs, and used to deliver drugs for cancer and other diseases. Membranes are usually made of phospholipids, which are molecules that have a head group and a tail group.
A liposome is a spherical vesicle having at least one lipid bilayer. The liposome can be used as a vehicle for administration of nutrients and pharmaceutical drugs. Liposomes can be prepared by disrupting biological membranes such as by sonication.All of Vasayo Products are created using Liposomes.

Vasayo has a plan to have multiple brands within the company. Vasayo’s Health and Nutrition line is called Micro Life. All Vasayo health products will be branded with the name Micro Life.

Vasayo Micro Life brand

Now for the Vasayo Micro Life Product line

Vasayo Renew

1- Vasayo Renew is a liquid gel also. Vasayo Renew Curcumin, ginger, shiitake, Acai, resveratrol and more. Vasayo Renew is designed to support antioxidant health and anti-inflammatory health. Micro Life Renew helps oxidative stress.






Vasayo Sleep

2- Vasayo Sleep is a spray like a mist and supports sleep. With Gaba, Melatonin and more. Sleep is the only time your brain can detox and rejuvenate. The Vasayo Sleep helps detoxify and regenerate the Brain while you are asleep.






Vasayo Neuro

3- Vasayo Neuro for the brain health. Vasayo Neuro is a meal for your brain. All the ingredients help with memory brain power and development.




Vasayo Energy

4- Vasayo Energy is a liquid gel. It will be almost the same viscosity as olive oil. Vasayo Energy is not the coffee or sugar energy but a combination of some super foods and herbs and minerals to give long sustained energy.





Vasayo Core Essentials

5- Vasayo Core Essentials A vitamin and Mineral product in a capsule. Vasayo Core Essentials is designed to be a food on it’s own. Micro Life Core Essentials will fill in the gaps of your nutrition. It has nutrition in it to help turn fat and other unhealthy foods into nutrition for the body. And Chromium to help turn sugars into energy.



This is the first line of products Vasayo will Launch with.

If you’re looking for a team to lock arms with and build a business to last a Life time with Servant leaders. Join our Hope Brokers Team. Let us love on you and your team and build a long lasting business.
Vasayo is now in Pre Pre launch and you can be a founding distributor. Call Vincent St.Louis 916-798-8508